Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Toys: Mini Hex N More Ruler

So I work in a fabric store.  It's pretty much like being told you have to browse for eight hours before spending any money.  There's a lot that I want, and my wish list just gets longer every time we get new bolts of fabric in, but I'm trying to not blow every paycheck the second I get it.

And in the spirit of spending smaller amounts of money, I got the Mini Hex N More ruler.  I get to see how I like it before buying the regular sized rulers, because those are obviously on the wishlist too.  And I figured it would be perfect for cutting out mini hexies for some EPP that I might get around to someday.

After storing the ruler in my bag for a couple weeks (read: it's so little I completely lost it) I finally pulled out my box of medium-sized scraps and decided to see if I could put together some pinwheels.

Cutting with such a little ruler wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.  I had a little snafu and cut the wrong sized triangles.  I tried to fix it by making some very scant seams, but the damage was done.  I tried some creative pulling and stretching and pressing, but I just ended up with bulgy centers.  They did come together fast though, so that was a win.

Here's the next batch of pinwheel parts, now with the proper triangles, ready to go.  I think the first set will get quilted to death and maybe made into a pouch or book cover.  And after this, I think I'll make a mini out of little hexies and triangles.

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  1. Cute! I work in a fabric store too so I know just what you mean!

  2. If I worked in a quilt shop, I would OWE money every payday. . . :) I have the regular sized Hex N More ruler. Have not used it yet but I LOVE my Sidekick ruler. . . Your blocks look good!

  3. TO be honest I don't it matters what shop you work in, you end up wanting and spending there. I worked with toys for a couple of years and despite not having kids or children in my life, so much stuff came through that was cool and awesome that i wanted for some reason. Then when I worked with homewares, i wanted all new towels and sheets and things... supermarkets are dangerous too because people by and find foods on the shelves you've never seen or heard of before and you keep thinking "I want to try that!".

    I have the big Hex N More and love it. I think I'm too scared to try the itty bitty one though with the itty bitty piecing!

  4. Eveything small looks just so cute doesn't it :)

  5. eek! that is too cute! Bravo to you for your restraint. I know I would literally spend every single paycheck on fabric if I had that job!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  6. I have the full size one too. I love the bright colours you are using.

  7. Oh Mary, I'm loving your little blocks! I've just finished making the same blocks for Jaybird Quilts' Mini Tiny Dancer using her mini hex n more ruler, which is what I guess you're eventually going to make your blocks into. They are so sweet I'm sure I'll be making more :-)


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