Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wanderlust Honey Cowl

 Oh hi there!  Remember me?  I used to write a blog?  Yeah, instead, I've just been sitting at home sewing and knitting without you.

Well, anyway, today I decided to just get back at it.  I looked down, and there was my Honey Cowl, all fuzzy, warm, and unblogged!  Perfect!  I tossed it on the girl, grabbed my camera, and made grand promises about leaving a bag of Halloween candy unprotected on the table (models always demand candy in their green rooms).

This is one of my favorite knits so far (so favorite I made sure to add it to my Ravelry page).  It was quick and easy, but it's still pretty.  And the yarn is a...ma....zing.  It's Madelinetosh Merino DK in Cosmic Wanderlust.  I bought it as my souvenir from Purl Soho on a trip this summer, and there's still one more ball to make into a hat.

Or I might have to just make a second Honey Cowl for the little girl.  She loved wearing it and it's so cute on her!  And seriously, I'm completely unable to say no to this face.



  1. Serious cuteness going on here! Looks like your girl loves her new cowl. Love the wool you chose - my fave kind - all colourful and fun.

  2. lovely cowl!! and your daughter is seriously adorable!

  3. I love your cowl and might try one for myself. I looked at the pattern though and yours looks much shorter - how long and wide is yours?

  4. Oh my god I LOVE this yarn! I've seen the hanks of Cosmic Wanderlust but I couldn't imagine it actually knit up. This is the perfect yarn for a little girl! Fantastic - going to have to add this to my favorites on Ravelry!


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