Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Little Pipit Sweater Coat Finish

Does this little girl really need another sweater?  Not really, but the yarn was on super clearance and I couldn't resist.  And I had this pattern already saved in my Ravelry queue, so really I had no choice.


The pattern is called Pipit, from Melissa Lester.  It's a super fast knit that doesn't really involve anything very fancy, making it the perfect project for me to bring in the car on our Thanksgiving trek.  I was able to just knit away while husband drove the three hours, while minding children in a not-so-kid-proof house, and while getting caught up on all the latest family news.  I love a project that's just enough to keep your hands busy, but not muddle up your brain.

I did make a couple of changes to the pattern.  It called for 18 rows of ribbing on the neck, but I only did ten.  I also had to do a little brain work on the buttonholes.  She warns you that the pattern is wonky, and to just ignore that part.  I've never done buttonholes, but a simple K2tog YO worked perfectly.  

The only other thing I added was the picot bind off on the button placket.  I wanted it to be a little bit more special since the rest of the cardigan is pretty basic.  Also, I had a feeling that binding off that long row of ribbing would look warped if I did anything else.  This way it looks like I meant it to be a little ruffled.  

And Little Girl picked out those perfect heart buttons herself (from a couple options I brought home from the store).  They turned out to be the exact right color.  She's very proud of them!

Taking a bow!
I love how it turned out, and she refused to take it off for most of the day, so WIN!

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  1. It's lovely...I don't knit, but you did an amazing job. =)

    1. Thanks so much! I'm a bit of a sucker for warm sweaters and yarn stores, so I've had to learn to knit so I'm not broke and surrounded by balls of yarn and store bought sweaters. :)

  2. The sweater is great and the girl is so cute;-)
    I agree about the keeping the hands at work and the mind on other places;-)


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