Monday, September 9, 2013


So last week was kind of crazy.  The first few days were spent in denial of the upcoming first day of school.  And the last couple were just trying to readjust all our clocks back to school time.

The biggest change is that the dude is staying longer at school, which means no more nap time for him, or his sister unless I can beg someone to carpool with us.  I love naps because that's when I sew, so I had a mini panic attack about never being able to sew ever again, and then husband just suggested I set up a work space on the porch. Duh.

And since we were already on the road, the little girl and I were able to get out and finally go to playgroups that we've just ignored all summer.  We also managed to meet up with a friend that I've been promising a bag to for a while, but hadn't gotten over to her house to sort through her fabric.  She told me she had a lot of hand-me-down fabric, complete understatement.  There was so much vintage awesomeness.


We finally settled on this amazing orange and blue print, probably from the 70s, and a nice lightweight denim for the outer and some Alexander Henry fabric from '95 for the lining.  I can't wait to raid her stash again.

Then I capped off the week with an awesome Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild meeting in Portland, ME at A Gathering of Stitches.  Such a great space, I really hope that I can get up there and use it.  And, as an added bonus, our guild president managed to get us a discount at Marden's and we all went on a fabric spree field trip.  I was trying to be good, so I only got four yards of fabric and a handful of trims.  The whole thing only cost $20!!  The lighter flower fabric is begging to be a dress, and the silverware on blue is going to end up as pj bottoms.

And now, we'll see how this week turns out.  Fingers crossed that we manage to settle into a routine sooner rather than later.


  1. That blue and orange 70s print is AWESOME. I love fabric from the 70s. It's so wonderful and bizarre. (I need to wear my "woodland creatures" skirt to guild sometime--it's made of fabric my mom found squirreled away in my grandmother's attic!) Porch workspace = made of awesome. Look at all that gorgeous light you have!

    1. I know, she opened a box and I nearly stopped breathing.

      And I love all that light! It's what I really miss about my basement sewing room. But, I sit right under the skylight, so around noon it's like sewing in a spotlight. :)


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