Friday, September 13, 2013

Small Finish, Long Week

Toby the Cat is very bummed that this isn't my finish for the week, and is determined to cuddle under my Rainbow QAYG Quilt no matter what!

Honestly, though, I am pretty bummed.  I finished all the blocks, had my backing picked out, and was about to quilt the two together when I realized that I needed to make it a twin size.  Right now it's 4'x6', so that means adding another column and two rows.  Sixteen more blocks!!  But I have a feeling that a certain little girl will want to have this when she gets a real bed, so I'm going to keep going.  I may have to "help" some friends with their scrap stashes because I'm pretty much out of decent batting scraps.

I did manage to finish this Multi-Tasker Tote, though.  Sorry there's no amazing pictures of it; I was too excited to deliver it to it's new home to pause and take any.

Everything but the bottom super hard interfacing came from my friend's (yo Letty!) crazy fabric stash that was handed down to her.  The outside is denim that I quilted onto fusible fleece (because she had bags and bags of it!) instead of using the lightweight interfacing that the pattern called for.  It makes the bag stand up on it's own, which is something that I wish I'd done with mine.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but I did randomly spaced straight lines in navy and orange thread.

On the inside, instead of the one small pocket, I added a bunch of pockets with elastic tops.  I used this tutorial from Sew Thrilling Crafts.  It was super easy, so I'm going to have to add these to every bag I make from now on.  There's six pockets on the inside, of varying sizes, and the four orange pockets on the outside, so I don't think she'll have any problem with storage.

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  1. If you need more batting scraps or rainbow scraps than Jessica has let me know! Lucy and I would be happy for a road trip. I think these are so gorgeous that I ripped you off last week. (Full credit to you if I ever manage a blog post!!)

    1. We should have a scrap swap! That would be so fun. I love my scraps, but getting some new fabrics in there would be a nice change.

      And I will gladly take any batting scraps. I definitely don't have enough of my own to make 16 more blocks.

    2. I was just thinking today of a scrap swap! I have GREAT scraps, from garments especially (piles of that blue Constellations print, that red Tsuru Motif Madness print) but don't feel inspired to use them in a quilt because I see the prints all the time when I wear them, you know?

      If you're still ISO batting scraps when we get ready for the Oct meeting I'm your gal.

    3. I would kill for those scraps! Such awesome fabrics, but I totally get being bored with them. I feel the same with mine, I've got a bunch of great scraps, but I've been using them for 24 blocks now. I need fresh scraps.


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