Friday, August 30, 2013

Kind of a Finish

I didn't finish anything for real this week, I blame the killer sinus infection, but that's just me.  

But I did manage to get my unsold quilts back from the shop I was trying to sell them at.  It was a fun experiment, and I hated to leave the store, but I just wasn't selling in there.  The owners were the nicest of people, so I would love to figure out exactly what would sell there and go back, but until then, I'm a free agent.  

Hopefully, by the end of next week I'll have these all listed on my Etsy shop and will be on my way to fame and fortune.  I understand that's how it works.

Also, these came in the mail.  I'm in love and want to give them to everyone I ever meet.  

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  1. Those business cards ROCK! I love them. I hope you find more success on Etsy. Good luck!

  2. The colors in that stack of quilts is so nice. I hope you have better luck on Etsy.

  3. So after seeing those business cards, I must stalk your blog. Those are definitely traits I admire!

  4. Thanks all! I was so bummed after the shop didn't work out as expected. It seemed so perfect! But on to the next venture.

    And the business cards were a little bit of a joke, but my sister (and super serious business advisor) said YOLO, and it was done


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