Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Looks all nice and finished, but it doesn't fit over the poor girl's head!  The rest of the measurements are dead on, so I'm hoping that I can just figure out some sort of button in the back, she'll have a new dress.  The pattern is from Sew Easy Being Green, and it's pretty great, except for my child's large head.

Still in love with this color!

Also, plugging right along with my Sweatshirt Sweater.  I'm almost back to the point where I frogged it before.  It looks much better this time, so fingers crossed!

This poor quilt's been half quilted for a year because I can't figure out what color thread I was using when I ran out!

And, I think I'm going to put the geese quilt on the back burner for a little bit.  My maths were just off enough on the curve to make the entire thing wrong.  So, instead of just getting frustrated and ripping it all out, I'll take a breather and see about finishing some of the other quilts in my stack.

So many dangling threads!

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  1. You have some great quilts to work on!
    The half quilted quilt looks awesome, I hope you will be able to finish it!

    1. Thanks! I just have to get over my dislike of basting, and I'll be able to finish up my stack of tops.

  2. Hopefully the dress and quilt will get worked out without too much hassle! Both look really cute!

    1. Thanks! The dress shouldn't be too bad, since it already has a lining. And I just need to power through!

  3. Just one of those days where it is two steps forward and one step back...thanks for sharing becuadse we've all been there :-)
    Visiting from WIP Wednesday


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